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Presentation by Helani Galpaya at Ceylon Chamber of Commerce event on "Use of Digital Platforms for SMBs". November 2020.
The findings of the survey of degree opportunities available in Sri Lanka were announced by Sujata Gamage, Team Leader of the Human Capital Research Program, and by Tilan Wijesooriya, Researcher, at an event organized by the Education and Human Resources Committee of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce on 27 June 2012. The presentation is here. First report includes: In 2010 the graduate output was about 19,000 people. While 12,250 came from the conventional public education system, 4,150 came from semi-public and 2,500 came from private institutions. While output in the conventional system is actually down from 2009, other categories are up.
LIRNEasia in partnership with the Human Resource and Education Sub-committee of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce will be presenting the data from the survey that was conducted on higher education institutes in Sri Lanka. The survey consists of at least 46 private institutions and 10 public institutions/programs that recruit students outside of the University Grants commission (UGC)-mediated admission system, in addition to the 17 public institutions for which admissions are mediated by the UGC. The event will be held at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Colombo 02, on Wednesday, 27 June 2012 from 0900 hours till 1200 hours. Press release regarding the event:  Daily News Daily FT   NOTE: This directory is meant to be a guide only.  Prospective students and their parents should contact the relevant institutions before making decisions.