How to engage in broadband policy and regulatory processes, Pokhara, Nepal, February 2019

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A 4-day residential course on ‘How to Engage in Broadband Policy and Regulatory Processes’ was held at Hotel Jal Mahal, Pokhara Nepal (16th- 19th February 2019). This is the ninth of a series of short courses funded by Ford Foundation. The first two courses of this series mainly focused on producing knowledgeable consumers of research who are able to engage in broadband policy and regulatory processes, whereas this course along with the previous courses in New Delhi, India, Nagarkot, Nepal and Marawila, Sri Lanka incorporate how to produce policy-relevant research into the syllabus.

Call for applications: English

Syllabus of the course can be accessed here.

Photos of the Event

Course Report

The presentations of the course are below

Day 1

Session 1 – Introduction to workshop

Session 2 – Communicating to Policy Makers

Session 3 – Comparative Data and Introduction to Web Resources

Assignment 1 – Fine-tuning and Framing a Policy Proposal

Session 4 – Introduction policy/legal research, including case study on ICT policy & regulation in federal states


Day 2

Session 5 –National Broadband Networks of India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia: Comparative study

Session 6 – Broadband laws and Policy regime in Nepal (Electronic Transaction Act, Telecommunication Act, Draft IT law and other relevant policies

Session 7 – Introduction to demand-side research, with examples from Nepal research

Session 8 – Assessing & summarizing research

Session 9 – Policy & regulatory implications of the 2018 nationwide ICT Access and Use Survey & qualitative research

Day 3

Session 10 –Broadband Content Regulation Regime in Nepal (Penal Code, Individual Privacy Act, Government Social Media Code, Online Media Regulation etc.

Session 11 – Policy and regulatory implications of the nationwide disabled survey

Session 12 – How Nepal makes and implements ICT policy 

Session 13 –Baseline knowledge available online and in English relevant to Nepal ICT Policy

Day 4

Session 14 –  Implementation Actions by the Regulator

Session 15 – Supplier perspectives: Panel discussion with Min Prasad Aryal, Subhash Dhakal, Aswani Rana, Narendra Maharjan, Binay Bohra, Prabal Saakh

A6 and A7 –

Group 1- Presentation

Group 2- Presentation

Group 3- Presentation

Group 4- Presentation

Group 5- Presentation

Group 6- Presentation

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