Capacity Building

CPRsouth The task of capacity-building has always been an important component of LIRNEasia’s mission. Accordingly, LIRNEasia has put a considerable amount of collective thought into the design of its capacity-building component, and has proposed the need for a systematic approach to field-building, starting from a more thorough and comprehensive knowledge-mapping and centered around an annual research conference that will provide a focus for scholars engaged in ICT policy and regulation research in the South. This initiative, Communication Policy Research: south (CPRsouth), is loosely modeled on the TPRC and EuroCPR conferences. More information on CPRsouth can be found at LIRNEasia also offered an executive training course on regulation and reform, first in Singapore and then in Cape Town, as part of its capacity building program. Details of the training course can be found HERE. A number of courses have been offered in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka on broadband, with the support of the Ford Foundation. In addition, on-demand courses are offered, the most recent being one for regulators in Myanmar. Electricity LIRNEasia has conducted training courses on electricity regulation. The courses focused understanding the economies of infrastructure regulation, regulatory functions (e.g. licensing, quality regulation, price regulation, safety regulation) and the design of regulatory agencies. These include the  8th and 12th SAFIR (South Asia Forum for Infrastructure Regulation) courses as well as the on-demand Introductory Energy Regulatory training course conducted for the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL). The course attendees include high and mid-level staff from regulatory agencies, utilities and ministries.

Human Capital Research Program

HCR program explores new approaches to human capital development by mapping and analyzing the state of education, training and knowledge production in developing Asia, and identifying ways of using ICTs and knowledge networks to fill the gaps.
The program includes the Knowledge to Innovation project which links Knowledge to Innovation in Government Services through The Case of Solid Waste Services in Local Government in Sri Lanka.


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