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LIRNEasia held an event titled Social Safety Nets and the State of Poverty in Sri Lanka on Wednesday 7 June 2023  in Colombo. This event involved a presentation of the findings of a recent nationally representative survey of 10,000 Sri Lankan households conducted by LIRNEasia, followed by a panel discussion, with representation of stakeholders from government, multi-lateral donor organizations, and civil society.  
An Expert Round Table discussion on "Tackling online misinformation while protecting freedom of expression" held on the 11th of October 2021, as the second of a series of discussions under the theme of “Frontiers of Digital Economy”
LIRNEasia will host the online discussion series "Tackling the Information Disorder in Asia" June 8 (7:30 AM UTC - 9:30 AM UTC) and June 9 (7:30 AM UTC - 10:00 AM UTC), 2022. This event is free and open to the public. Prior registration mandatory.
Consultative meeting with Disabled Persons Organizations (DPOs) - Event participants
LIRNEasia’s Disability Research
Register to hear presentations by UNICEF Sri Lanka and LIRNEasia and responses by key stakeholders, and participate in the discussion
Day 2 of LIRNEasia’s Expert Forum on policy-relevant research on disability and information & communication technologies (ICTs) dealt with how policy and innovations can work together to promote inclusion and accessibility.
Project by LIRNEasia + Nuffield School + Yarl IT Hub
An Acceleration Approach to Scaling Need Based Technologies to Enable Independent Living and Human Potential Realisation for People with Disabilities in India
The session started with the presentation of findings and reflections on disability related research conducted by LIRNEasia in Nepal, Myanmar, India and Sri Lanka.
LIRNEasia’s Disability Research
LIRNEasia’s Disability Research
Qualitative findings on persons with disabilities and independent living
ICT access and use in Sri Lanka and Nepal Quantitative study findings
LIRNEasia conducted a forum in mid-December 2021 focusing on tackling disinformation.
LIRNEasia will present the findings of a nationally representative survey with a 2,500 sample across Sri Lanka. We explore the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 by analyzing access to education, work, food and government services with a focus on digital technologies.