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Photo exhibition at LIRNEasia@5

Posted on February 5, 2010  /  0 Comments

As part of LIRNEasia’s 5th year anniversary conference, “research -> policy -> knowledge based economies“, a photo exhibition was commissioned at the event to capture different aspects of the use of mobile phones by those at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP). The images which were sourced from Flickr from both budding as well as professional photographers (and used with their permission), showcased the varied nature of mobile connectivity and use facing the people of Asia from the BOP. An online gallery has been created to as a companion to the actual exhibition and can be viewed HERE.
The live blogging at the LIRNEasia@5 conference has yielded MSM coverage in the Sunday Leader’s Kottu supplement. There is also a story on the live blogging itself. The conference was mainly about ICT policy research. But this meant that a myriad of subjects were discussed from various angles. There was politics, economics, business and marketing.
Mobile phone message services like one deployed by the financial news agency Reuters to over a million farmers in India, could help Sri Lankan farmers earn more for their produce, experts said. Ranjit Pawar of Reuters Market Light, India said their SMS (short message service) in India provide farmers timely information and helps eliminate middlemen. “A farmer told me, ‘If I had timely information I could have made 40 percent more money,’ when we launched the short message service in India,” Pawar told a seminar on knowledge based economies. It was organized by LIRNEasia, a regional think tank based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Full story.

Tigo and Dialog CEO On State Of Industry

Posted on December 11, 2009  /  1 Comments

Dumindra (Tigo): Today my spectrum fee is 10% of my revenue. I still manage a 30% EBITA, but that’s not enough to make ends meet with equipment. In this business you need 60% EBITA. If you look at Sri Lanka the only that has been going south is telecom prices, everything is going up. Not long ago my friend was asking me about call center agents.
There is one player here in the big game that hasn’t contributed that much, and that’s government. The obvious things like taxation, duties have been mentioned many times. This isn’t a lot of researching, it’s more implementing on the government side. What does access to spectrum mean? It means a great deal.
-Hans Wijeyasuriya and Dumindra Ratnayake on the Asian market and the bottom of the pyramid Its not the financial crisis that has reduced profits in South Asia. Sri Lanka is a very good case study. This happened because policy makers did not understand the market. We have one too many operators. Our base stations have too long payback times.

LIRNEasia on Radio Canada International

Posted on November 28, 2009  /  1 Comments

On November 28th an interview about LIRNEasia’s work and the LIRNEasia@5 conference that will take place on Dec 9-11 in Colombo will be aired on Masala Canada. It’s already on the web. MASALA CANADA is an eclectic mix of stories, conversations and music with a South Asian flavour. Hosted and produced by Wojtek Gwiazda, this weekly radio program deals with everything from art and culture, to economics, politics and everyday life. MASALA CANADA is heard on shortwave and the Internet throughout India, South Asia and the world.